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Grass-Fed Lamb Share | Nov. 2023

Grass-Fed Lamb Share | Nov. 2023


We offer pick-up sites for people in the Twin Cities (MN), Rochester (MN), Eau Claire (WI), and Menomonie (WI) areas. Please select a pick-up site and include your home address during check-out. If you are unable to pick up at a planned site, we may need to assess a fee for special deliveries.

Harvest: Nov. 28 | Delivery Planned: Dec. 2

Additional Fees Will Be Charged

The basic butchery fee varies (usually somewhere between $95-$110), but will be calculated and charged at harvest time by the butcher and is due before pick-up.


What You're Buying

You are supporting our family farm! We work hard to support good animal welfare, soil carbon sequestration, and biodiversity support with our farming practices.


With your help, we raise strong, healthy, grass-fed animals and you get the benefits:

High-quality meat in your choice of cuts: from rack and lamb chops to ground and stew meat!

Culinary adventures with different delicious and choice cuts

Lower-than-retail price - because you're committing to the whole animal, you get a lower price per pound than buying at the store

Everyone wins!


When Will It Be Ready?

The next harvest date is listed in the product title. We'll contact you via email as the harvest date approaches with more information. Please keep us informed if your contact info changes.


How Much Meat Should I Expect?

We guarantee at least 45 pounds hanging weight (boxed weight is roughly 2/3 hanging weight). However, we aim to please and often over-deliver! The total price/pound of our lamb is usually around $7/#.

  • Pick-Up Locations

    Note: In response to COVID times, we are offering socially-distanced deliveries. We still request that you select one of the pick-up locations to help us plan. We'll coordinate with you as the time draws near.

    You have your choice of collecting your lamb at one of the following:

    • Minneapolis, MN
    • St. Paul, MN
    • Eau Claire, WI
    • Menomonie, WI
    • Rochester, MN
    • Or, you can collect your meat at the butcher shop

    Please select your preference before check-out.

  • How are your lambs raised?

    At Blue Ox, we breed and raise high-quality meats in a rotational grazing system. Each day, our flock is moved to a new paddock where they have access to nutritious pastures, clean water, and the ability to express their sheep-ish nature as they graze through the season.

    This system of managed grazing provides our animals with good health and welfare, provides nutrient-dense meat, sequesters carbon, protects watersheds, and creates needed habitats for grassland wildlife. 

    We're proud of the meat we raise and the manner in which we do it. If you'd like to keep learning, please explore our website more or drop us a line.

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